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About Us

At Bariatric Multi vitamins, we are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and scientists committed to providing the highest quality bariatric vitamins and supplements for individuals undergoing or maintaining weight loss surgery. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their health goals, enrich their lives, and enhance their well-being through optimal nutrition.

Our story began in 2014 when our founder, a bariatric surgery patient themselves, recognized the need for specialized, effective, and convenient vitamins tailored to the unique nutritional requirements of individuals in the bariatric community. Combining their personal experience with extensive research and collaboration with leading medical experts, Bariatric Multivitamins was born.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bariatric vitamins and supplements, developed through rigorous research and clinical studies, and manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. Our products are specifically designed to address the nutritional needs of individuals before and after bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and adjustable gastric band procedures.

Our core values at Bariatric Multi vitamins are centered on quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. We believe in providing products that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and reliable supplements on the market. We continuously invest in research and development, striving to innovate and improve our products to cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

At Bariatric Multivitamins, we understand that each individual’s journey is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized support to help our customers navigate their path to a healthier lifestyle. Our knowledgeable customer service team, backed by our in-house nutritionists and healthcare professionals, is always ready to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer tailored recommendations.

We also believe in giving back to the community that we serve. Bariatric Multi vitamins actively supports and partners with various organizations, research institutions, and advocacy groups to raise awareness, promote education, and improve access to bariatric healthcare and resources.

As a trusted partner in the bariatric community, Bariatric Multivitamins is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their weight loss goals and transform their lives through optimal nutrition. By providing high-quality, scientifically-backed bariatric vitamins and supplements, along with exceptional customer support, we aim to contribute to the overall health and well-being of our customers and the bariatric community at large.